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Selected as the winning design for the Industry Category of the ACSA Haiti Ideas Challenge, Mosaïque du Sel proposes a new Haitian identity that grapples with its fractured systems of community, ecology, economy, and health. Our proposal reimagines the salt production process by harnessing Haiti’s abundant resources (sea, sun, wind, and coast) to cultivate salt and agriculture as the catalyst of change. Mosaïque du Sel not only produces food, but also an improved livelihood for Haitians using modern salt production techniques. This diversified living system will foster community through the production of salt, potable water, agriculture, aqua-farming, biodiversity, and biofuel production. Reusing rubble as a resource to protect against storm surges and support the structure for this system will allow for the regeneration of the urban fabric where rubble once was. This modern system will promote a better quality of life and a viable economy, while embracing Haiti’s native ecology and creating a safer place to live.

Used Illustrator, Photoshop, ArcGIS, Hand Drawing, Model Making & Google Sketchup.