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The 18-acre residential/commercial TAXI development is located on the site of Denver’s old Yellow Cab Co. headquarters, adjacent to the South Platte River. The Hyper Edge investigates various opportunities created by a road closure, such as access, education, and improvement to the riparian ecosystem. Existing site conditions result in a stagnant system; to create a more dynamic edge, we propose the systematic removal of asphalt to create a hyper edge. These areas of removal are distributed to maximize variability and flexibility. This process will increase plant structural diversity, as well as allow for a more natural, less restrictive flow of water. The Hyper Edge will replicate traces of the dynamism of natural processes already occurring on site. This intervention will incite the process of erosion via selective removal, promoting further deterioration of asphalt over an extended period of time.

Used Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Model Making & Hand Drawing.